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    In 2015, discover the pleasure of homemade couscous with Couscook, the first electrical couscous maker.

    Easy to use, it releases the cooking plates. With an elegant and modern design, Couscook invites itself at the table.

    Multi-cooker, we can use it as a slow cooker, a steamer or a rice cooker to prepare savoury as well as sweet meals.

    Discover it here !

  • The "Small domestic appliance" line includes all essential cooking appliances, cooking preparation appliances, breakfast appliances and laundry care appliances as well as floor care appliances. The Bianca line, an alternative to our stainless steel line, offers consumers aesthetic and elegant products affordable by all budgets still with our guaranteed know-how.

  • With the THOMSON air conditioners and ventilators new ideas are breezing in. Design and function combined! Our appliances are designed to be as practical as they are elegant.
  • Discover our inertia heaters at the heart of our line and our quality requirements, our oil bath radiators and our extra heating with its round and coloured design, as well as our towel driers.  Refresh your heating!
  • You will love lingering in your bathroom with THOMSON beauty care and well being products. This line, which is still being designed, will satisfy both men and women. It will especially include a full line of razors, hairdriers and well-being accessories. You must see these! Coming to this site very soon.